How to Connect Google Drive to WordPress Media Library

How to Connect Google Drive to your WordPress Media Library
Glory Ketchum

This is not working. I uploaded the plugin and had to do a very complicated Developer setup on Google and WordPress setup. But it is does not do what I need. I need to be able to upload the photos out of my Google Photos into my site, period. This does not display all my updated photos and instead has my documents from years back. The few photos it does show import in as a Google code instead of a picture.

How to Use Google Drive in WordPress Media Library
Enda Arriaga

I personally use Google Drive for almost all my files. My photos, documents, spreadsheets and everything else go in there. I also run multiple WordPress websites, therefore it is convenient for me to be able to import by Google Drive media into the WordPress media library as I create posts and pages. It saves me time and effort.

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