How to Choose The Best Premium WordPress Theme for Your Site

How to Choose The Best Premium WordPress Theme for Your Site
Sherrie Bollinger

Thanks for the useful information. Since I’m new to building a WP site, I’ve bookmarked this page so that I can follow up… For my theme- I basically chose one of four options that were presented to me when created the account through my host. I have tried searching for a food blogging theme, however, it’s really difficult to know when searching whether those themes are showing because great seo was done to them, or because they REALLY are a great theme. What would your suggestion be to go about finding an amazing theme (and not just amazing seo done to the post to get it in front of my eyes). Thanks!

9 Tips for Choosing the Best Premium WordPress Theme
Amira Kimmel

Similar to the above, even if the description of a theme says that it is light and loads fast, verify it yourself. Use PageSpeed Insights to check the loading speed of the demo site. To find out the real address of a theme, click Remove Frame in the upper right corner when previewing the theme. Also, keep in mind that such a site may be cached, as well as hosted on a well-optimized web server, and the result you see may be considerably different from what you will get when you install the theme on your site. You should pay attention to the amount of the JavaScript and CSS code, the correctness of its location, as well as the size of images since themes use fixed thumbnail sizes, and such sizes are sometimes larger than the optimal size. Compression of the JavaScript and CSS code is also important. Although this can be achieved using plugins, the appearance of a theme may be distorted in some cases, so it is best to make sure that the developer has provided this feature either within the theme or by providing support for an appropriate plugin.

How to Choose The Best WordPress Theme for Your Business
Lan Pacheco

At this point, you really shouldn’t be looking at any themes that aren’t mobile responsive. If you’re not familiar with the term, mobile responsive means that the look of your website adapts to whichever device you’re reading it on. I know for a fact that whether you’re reading this article on your laptop, an iPad, or your Android phone, the fonts look nice and it’s easy to use. We’ve optimized our design for every one of those devices using mobile responsive techniques.

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