How to Change WordPress JPEG Image Compression

How to Change WordPress JPEG Image Compression
Rubie Canty

By default, WordPress attempts to compress your images for better performance. If you are a photographer who want to showcase high quality images on your website then you can turn off the image compression. In this video we will show you how to increase or decrease WordPress image compression.

How to Change WordPress JPEG Image Compression
Jannie Goff

Currently the WordPress JPEG image compression is 82% (from version 4.5) of the original size; this is a needed, but still, there are cases when we want to modify it.

How to Change WordPress JPEG Image Compression
Francie Carver

It boils down to the fact that buyers do not want to wait, they want as quickly as possible to get their desired product. They do not want to wait for supplies, they do not want to wait any advice, nor is the page to load online store. When the owner of the site explain the client slowly can load the pages and pictures, and in addition to this, the site has bad starts to run rough, it says that you are likely to lose clientele than you rise rating of the products sold.
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Video: How to Change WordPress JPEG Image Compression
Jennefer Guerin

Hello and welcome to WPBeginner. In this video I'll show you how you can change WordPress JPEG image compression on your WordPress website. By default WordPress compresses your images to increase performance for your website if you're a photographer or somebody whose photos are very important than you might not want that. So to change that you'll just need to add a little bit of code to your functions page or on a plugin specific area and I'll show you how you can do that. First you wanna go to your website and look for your functions PHP. Go all the way down and you want to add this filter, and what this filter is saying is basically keep the JPEG quality to a hundred. Now if you're not a photographer or somebody who needs high quality photos on your web site you can actually use this filter to reduce the compression even more say like 70% so you would just change this to something like seventy and that would compress images even further.

How to configure or disable WordPress JPEG image compression
Veronique Schweitzer

Hi, thanks for the advice! I’m a bit lost because of conflicting info about which code to use to disable image compression and its relevance to the current WordPress version. I understand the advice in this article was written during 2012, which is about 6 years ago, so I’m wondering if the code this article recommends will still work in the current WordPress version.

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