How to Change the WordPress Admin Email (2 Methods)

How to Change the WordPress Admin Email (2 Methods)
Bess Negron

Hi, We currently have 2 admins on our WP site. The first original admin guy’s email address appears as the site admin while I am in logged in. If I were to change it to my email address while I am logged in as admin, would that change mean there are now 2 admin emails? Is this even possible, or can a WP site only have 1 admin email? It would be good to have more than one person getting admin info, so how can I do this change to make 2 admin emails? Thanks.
Flavia Woodworth

I’ve added admin email still emails from my site sent from [email protected] why? how to force the site to use my admin email?
Christy Garner

Thanks for including that link that shows the snippet but I’m not sure HOW to modify it. For example, I ONLY want one specific admin user to receive all notifications. Here’s what I did but I have no idea if this is right. The (fake) email address where I want to send notifications is [email protected] in this example.
Lan Pacheco

Hi, I’m using the latest version of WordPress on several of my self hosted domains, this question is not domain specific. I’m trying to change my Admin email in the WordPress general settings, and it’s not sending me any confirmation emails so I am unable to change my email address for the admin settings. This in turn is impacting different plugins that generate email notifications, because they all come “from” the email address I have set now, and I don’t want that to keep happening, I have a different email address I want to use for that. Of course, I’ve checked my SPAM and nothing in there, I’ve in fact checked all my folders to make sure, and nothing is there. My email addresses all function perfectly, I get emails all day long from others, so I’m fairly certain this is a glitch with WordPress and not somewhere else. I saw another post on this topic but that user had an MX issue, that’s not applicable here. There’s no place in settings to re-send a confirmation email. I’ve tried changing the email address again, to no avail. I do not wish to change my User profile email. On that note however, it sure would be helpful in User profiles to be able to add additional email addresses. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks.

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