How to Change the Sidebar Side in WordPress

How to Change the Sidebar Side in WordPress
Tess Stanford

That is a nice article, float from right to left is doing the trick here. I would also suggest to make a new template for this where one shows the sidebar on the left and other shows the sidebar on the right. This will give users the option to select the desired design for the page.
Betty Barnes

I am not sure, but it seems like the theme is failing to adjust in accordance with the screen size. I am currently working on 24 inch monitor. On this monitor, the right side bar is actually as wide the main page the main page. If I increase the primary page width to 83.287% it slams the ad bar in the right sidebar up against the vertical divider line, which looks bad. If I go over 83.287% it actually pushes all the information in the right sidebar out the bottom, even though there is a good six inches of blank space for it to move over to the right. What is confusing is that on my 24″ screen there is a good six inches of blank white space on both the right and left side, but the overall width of the page refuses expand to fit the screen size and just takes up about 60% of the total screen real estate in the middle of the screen
Gloria Russell

How can I change the width of my sidebar (with the widgets) on my website :
Tisa Yeager

I have built a website using WP 4.8.2 and the VANTAGE theme. My problem is that the body and the sidebar colors are both white and there is no separation between the content which makes my page a little confusing. I want to change the background color of the the sidebar but cannot find a way to do this. I have tried a bunch of custom CSS codes and they have absolutely ZERO effect. I have tried putting the codes in both areas, (Appearance>Custom CSS & Appearance>Customize>Additional CSS). Putting CSS code in these areas does not alter the page in anyway.

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