How to Change the Number of Posts Displayed On Your WordPress Blog

How to change the number of WordPress posts displayed on your blog page
Kathleen Lawrence

Changing the number of posts your blog displays on each page is a quickie, no sweat type of operation that basically anyone can do, but it isn’t enough to know how to do it. You need to understand why you’re doing it, and what the implications are. Why? Because every time you change something, it affects how the search engines – especially Google, Yahoo, and Bing – relate and react to your blog, and it can also have a big influence on the relationship your readers have with you and your site. Since these are the cornerstones of any successful blog, it seems prudent to take a bit of time to examine anything that impacts them. A few tips and tricks that it would be wise to keep in mind if and when you decide to change the max default posts on your blog can be found below.

How to Change the Number of Posts on Your Front Page
Kali Stackhouse

What if your wordpress doesn’t have a “reading” option under settings? My wordpress home page does not look like that, I have no limit to the number of posts on my front page and it’s very frustrating! could it be the theme I’m using? I want to show 10 or less than 10 and it shows all of them!

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