How to Change the Default Search URL Slug in WordPress

How To Change The Default Search Url Slug In WordPress
Arianna Melancon

Do you want to change the default search URL slug in WordPress? By default, WordPress search URLs are not user friendly. In this article, we will show you how to easily change the default search url slug in WordPress and make it more SEO and user friendly.

HostPapa Knowledge Base
Cristina Cox

The easiest way to change your search page slug is to edit your site’s functions.php file. You can download the file using an FTP client, then edit the file locally using a text editor or simple use cPanel File Manager in the HostPapa Dashboard to edit the file directly on the server.

How to change the default search URL slug in WordPress
Deborah May

Si se escribe el nombre de una pelicula con varias por ejemplo “Batman”
Si seleccionas “Ver todos los resultados”, siempre te redirecciona al primer resultado de la opciones.  

How to Edit the Default Search URL Slug in WordPress
Katlyn Greco

Today, I will demonstrate how to edit the default search URL slug in WordPress. This method will not require any additional plugins, but it will require access to your website’s cPanel. The login information is provided to you by your web host when you create an account with them. The code used will remove the “?s=” from the search URL slug. This will make your search URL more SEO friendly.

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