How to Change the Category Base Prefix in WordPress

How to Change the Category Base Prefix in WordPress
Josephine Harrison

Just to explain, I’m creating a portfolio site with a category called ‘blog’ for blogposts / latest news and one called ‘work’ for completed design projects. Obviously the desired effect is to have the url as (or work) rather than, which looks just a bit naff I’m sure you’ll agree.

Hire Jordan Smith
Amira Kimmel

But ever since my URL name is changed for category now when i go to i am getting “Page not found” error . While the feed is still at . How can i correct this? This is causing error for google crawler also and showing in my google search console URL error report. As crawler is trying the find the feed at .

How to Change or Remove the Category Base from WordPress
Lan Pacheco

Many WordPress users prefer to completely remove the category base from their WordPress URLs. Some users think that it has SEO benefits. I don’t think that removing category base has any significant SEO benefits, and seems like Yoast of WordPress SEO plugin agrees with this. Previously, WordPress SEO had an option to disable category base. However, Yoast has removed this option from the plugin for new installs. Old users who had this option enabled, now see a notice that this option will be discontinued.

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