How to Bulk Upload WordPress Media Files using FTP

How to Bulk Upload WordPress Media Files using FTP
Aline Knutson

You’ll see folders for years and months inside the uploads folder. That’s the default way WordPress stores media files. You can upload your media files to the current folder for the current year and month. If it isn’t, you can create it. For example, in 2018 you can create a new folder 01 for the month of January for the current year and in this folder. It may take a while to upload your files depending on the file size and the speed of the internet. Once you have uploaded all your WordPress-supported images, audio, video or other media files, you are ready to import them to WordPress. Bulk Upload

How to Bulk Upload Files to WordPress Media Library via FTP
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Bulk uploading files to your WordPress media library allows you to upload a large number of files or files with large file sizes without the pains of trying to use the WordPress built-in upload functionality. But while this process can definitely make your life easier in certain situations, it’s not quite as simple as just uploading files via FTP. You’ll need to complete a few added steps if you want those files to actually be available inside your WordPress media library. Below, we’ll take you through the full process from start to finish.

How To Bulk Upload Files To WordPress Via FTP + Other Methods
Jennefer Guerin

Or, you might be working with a file that’s so large you can’t upload it through the Media Library uploader without hitting the maximum upload limit. In fact, some WordPress sites have an upload limit that’s just 2MB, which can easily be exceeded by high-resolution images.

How to properly bulk upload files to WordPress media library via FTP
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Another area where you can speed up your WordPress management is uploading images to your site. Instead of using the native WordPress Media Library uploader to upload images, a faster solution for some situations is to bulk upload images to your WordPress site via FTP. I mean, the WordPress Media Library uploader is fine for uploading small numbers of small files…but it’s not always your best option if you need to upload huge numbers of files (or just huge files!).
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