How to Bulk Schedule Drafts in WordPress

How to Bulk Schedule Posts in WordPress
Tisa Yeager

Nice! This is just what I was looking for this morning! I know in 2009 there used to be a different plugin for bulk post scheduling. But, this is up to date and just in time for holiday vacation. Just one questions though: Can I schedule multiple posts per day, multiple days per week? That would make me very happy since it would mean I can go on vacation without having to worry about my readership dwindling, and also keeping my readers happy with consistent posts Happy Holidays!

How to Schedule WordPress Posts in Bulk
Christena Inman

Thirdly, you have the Start Scheduling Delay, which helps you to set a time delay before your first scheduled post goes live. The default value is set to zero (0), which means – if you enable Auto Post Scheduler – your first scheduled post will be published immediately. You can set a start delay in seconds, hours or days, meaning you have absolute control over when your posts go live.

How to Bulk Schedule Posts in WordPress
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Scheduling a post is very easy per post but there are some rare times that you want to quickly schedule many posts. In this video, we will show you how to bulk schedule posts in WordPress.

How to Bulk Schedule Posts in WordPress (Step by Step)
Mamie Mitchell

Next, ‘Limit check to these Post Type(s)’ lets you choose which post types you want to schedule automatically. There is a ‘Post’ selected by default. If you want to enable auto scheduling for your pages as well, then you can add them to the selection by clicking on them with Shift key pressed on your keyboard.

Primary Menu
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Have you ever ended up writing a number of drafts or imported a bunch of drafts from other website or may be you have written various sequence wise tutorials and now you want to publish them. Default WordPress draft publishing feature is good for publishing a few drafts but when you have a long list of WordPress posts with draft status then manual publishing takes a lot of time even with the Quick Edit option. WordPress Draft Scheduler is a good solution in such cases, this WordPress plugin enables you to schedule all your WordPress drafts in bulk for future publishing with time interval defined by you.

Bulk WP
Traci Fleming

There are about a dozen addons available that extend the plugin and provide additional filters and functionality. The following are some of the famous addons. You can checkout the entire list in the addons page.

Bulk Delete Posts by User

Bulk Delete Posts by Content

Bulk Delete Post Meta Pro

Bulk Delete Comment Meta Pro

Bulk Delete User Meta Pro

Bulk Delete Posts by Attachment

Bulk Delete Posts by User Role

Bulk Delete From Trash

Bulk Delete Posts by Custom Field


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