How to Bulk Remove Featured Images from Posts in WordPress
Verla Miner

My problem is that I need “Featured Images” for the picture to show up in “category”, “search”, and on the Index page.
but if I use Featured Image than it appears twice in the same post from the post view.

How To Bulk Remove Featured Images From Posts in WordPress
Kerry Reeves

Important: Please remove this code immediately after saving your functions.php file. You will not be able to set featured images in WordPress as this code will keep removing featured images from posts.
Mamie Mitchell

If you look at the home page, under the featured posts the image for that post is the featured image we set. The same image also appears on the post page. Is it possible to remove the image from the post page but keep it as it is on the homepage or thumbnail?

How to Remove Featured Image from All Posts in WordPress
Corina Pinkerton

I thought I already posted a question here, but it threw me an error, so trying again. I am trying to un-attach all feature images from ever post on my site, EXCEPT posts that are within either of these two (262 or 57) categories (among others). i.e. A post might be in 262 + 3, in that case i WOULD want it to retain its feature image. If it’s in only 262, WOULD retain it’s feature. But for any posts that does not have category 262 or 57 anywhere in their categories, strip out the Featured Image.

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