How to Bulk Move Posts to Categories and Tags in WordPress

How to Bulk Move Posts to Categories and Tags in WordPress
Katrina Maldonado

You just solved my problem. You are the best.
I was actually trying to change my site niche from news blog to best affiliate marketing and product reviews, however, I need to put all news categories in one page. I have to change the niche on my site because I have many customers in my super market, however, I ensure that my customers leave a review in any products the buy. however, my product review will be based on my usage review and customer review.

How to Merge and Bulk Edit Categories and Tags in WordPress
Monica Lucas

I had just completed the task of rationalizing categories categories and tags when I discovered – too late – this post. My question is this: I have made the changes on WordPress, but I have not made the myriad of redirections using the Redirection plug-in (mainly because I don’t understand what information to fill in). If I do not redirect, will that be a major problem for searchers using search engines?
Nedra Vanhorn

If for some reason the above method doesn’t work then you can download the plugin as a zip file, extract it and then use your favorite FTP client and then upload the contents of the zip file to the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.

How to Bulk Add, Edit, and Transfer Posts to Categories
Marlana Peralta

You find that visitors aren’t using the tags to navigate your site. This is a problem because you now have 100 Posts in the Cooking category which is making it hard for visitors to navigate. You decide to separate the Posts into new Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner sub-categories instead. Here’s how you would do that:

How To Bulk Move WordPress Posts to Categories and Tags
Parthenia Fortier

Surprisingly enough bulk moving WordPress posts to categories can be done in the back end of your WordPress website. That being said, unless I am mistaken, you cannot bulk move WordPress posts to tags without the use of a plugin or code. You can add or delete tags, but not bulk move.

Categories and Tags in WordPress? How to Use Them Properly
Bonnie Jenkins

For instance, if I write a post announcing a piece of latest news, I’ll put it in the “News” category. If I write a tutorial on how to keep your WordPress site secure, I’ll put it in “Security.” But, if I stumble upon some news that involves security, I could add my post to both categories: “News” and “Security.”

Change Category for Multiple Posts in WordPress
Francie Carver

It is a common practice among WordPress bloggers to restructure categories later on. You may have to add or delete categories in WordPress according to your site needs and shift your posts to a new category. Bulk editing multiple posts in WordPress is a sort of hidden feature and this is what we are going to discuss in this article.

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