How to Bulk Delete WordPress Posts (2 Easy Solutions)

How to Bulk Delete WordPress Posts (2 Easy Solutions)
Kristine Mcdonald

You may want to try disabling any plugins you aren’t using in case there is a conflict that could be slowing down your site, another option would be to increase your execution time using:
or deleting the posts in smaller batches such as 100

How to Bulk Delete WordPress Posts (2 Easy Solutions)
Betty Barnes

Do you want to bulk delete WordPress posts? WordPress makes it super easy to manage posts from the admin area. However, if you want to delete a lot of posts then selecting and deleting them may take some time. In this article, we will show you two quick and easy solutions to bulk delete WordPress posts from your blog.

2 Easy Methods To Bulk Delete WordPress Posts
Molly Alvarez

There are situations when you desire more control over the deletion feature. For instance, you may want to remove content posted before a specific number of days. There are no advanced filtering options in the default feature. However, you can trash items in a flexible manner by using a plugin. There is a software called the Bulk Delete plugin which will be helpful in this purpose. Go to the dashboard menu and select“Plugins” and click on “Add new”. Search for the tool and install its files. Activate it and then go back to the website control panel.
Stacy Roberson

WP Bulk Delete is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to delete posts, pages, comments, attachments, users, taxonomy terms and meta fields in bulk based with different powerful filters and conditions. WP bulk delete helps in finding and mass deleting unnecessary data clean up. It also helps in imporving Speed and reducing database load.

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