How to Bulk Add Posts and Pages in WordPress

How to Bulk Add Posts and Pages in WordPress
Lottie Horne

Do I need a special hosting for plublishing thousands of Post Types?
I am planning to built a Catalog for Products (no shopping options are required,no woocommerce)
I have like 200,000 Products. I am trying to find a solution on wheather to use HTML tables or data tables but tables are more for static pages or Custom Post types that are dynamic.
Any advice on this will be greatly appreciated.

How to Bulk Add Posts and Pages in WordPress
Becky Gardner

In a case if you are looking for a solution of bulk adding posts and pages to your website or blog made with a WooCommerce template or any WordPress theme, there are few options to choose from. The first one is the easiest one – the use of certain plugins that can significantly assist in making your life easier.

How to bulk edit posts and pages in your WordPress dashboard
Ellen Berry

Wp Favs – Bulk plugin installation is an awesome bulk plugin installation tool that allows you to install collections of plugins at once. Offering a free service via their website, you’re able to create your own list(s) of plugins and share with other WordPress admins. Wp Favs also makes it easy to install other people’s collection of plugins which you can freely browse. Simply copy and paste a key code into the plugin to automatically bulk install each plugin from your chosen plugin collection.
Arianna Melancon

This can happen if you have huge number of posts and your server is very underpowered. Check your PHP error log to see if there are any errors and correct them. The most common problems are script timeout or running out of memory. Change your PHP.ini file and increase the script timeout and/or amount of memory used by PHP process. You can view the current values of these settings from the system info page which can be accessed by going to Bulk WP -> System Info.

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