How to Build Your Personal Brand Using WordPress

How to Build Your Personal Brand Using WordPress
Yvette Garrett

Are you trying to build a personal brand? In today’s age, anyone can look you up on the internet and learn more about you. WordPress can help you display the best information to help you build trust, following, and a great reputation online. In this article, we will show you how to build your personal brand using WordPress.

How to Build Your Personal Branding Using WordPress
Jaimie Jamison

Notice that my bio appears at the bottom of this article. It shows my picture set apart from the rest of the content, then my name as a large title. Then there are two sentences about me. The first tells what I do and where I am from. This establishes my credibility as a professional. The next sentence is a little about my lifestyle and hobbies. It shows that I am a real person that you can relate to, making me personal. You know from this that I like coffee and sci-fi. It’s more interesting and even has some humor, giving potential clients and followers a better idea of what to expect if they reached out to me.

How to Build Your Personal Brand Using WordPress
Stacy Roberson

If you have the original name, you can do it in the name of their brand. If the name does not exist, create a combination of their name and their specialization. “You want to find you, and not someone who is called in the same way as you,” – explains Dan Shubel, the author of “Me 2.0: 4 Steps to Building Your Future”. But remember, if you took advantage of its specialization to create a brand name, then you have already attached to this specialization.

How to build your personal brand using WordPress in 8 easy steps
Cora Mullins

#4. Contact Page
A lot of people don’t wish to communicate with you through social media. This is why you will see contact pages on almost every website over the internet. You have to add a contact page on your website with details on how users can send you an instant message. WordPress does not come with a built-in contact form. However, there are some outstanding contact form plugins that you can install.

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