How to Build Insane User Loyalty and Get People Fanatically Addicted

How to Build Insane User Loyalty and Get People Fanatically Addicted
Kit Suarez

Recently, we have been talking a lot about user engagement and building loyalty on this blog. Whether it is by adding a point system, adding gamification, or by just asking your user’s input on important aspects by using polls/surveys. Yesterday, we attended a very cool session at New Media Expo by Dino Dogan who dropped a lot of theoretical principles that go behind building insane loyalty and getting users to be fanatically addicted to you. In this article, we will summarize the concepts he shared in his session, so you an use them on your WordPress site and business to build insane user loyalty.

Alberta Phelps

But how would they get inside a highly disciplined organization whose sworn members were fanatically committed to their cause?

How To Get People Addicted To You And Take Control
Sue Rhodes

How come the children of parents who give them absolutely everything they ask for grow up to hate their parents? This is because the parents did all of the giving, and the child gave nothing. The parent gave and grew to love, the child took and grew to hate. The key to a mutually loving relationship is a mutually giving relationship- the trick is in the balance.

WEBINAR: Insane Loyalty: How to Get People Fanatically Addicted to You feat. Dino Dogan
Christie Morgan

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