How to Build Customer Loyalty in WordPress with Gamification

How to Build Customer Loyalty in WordPress with Gamification
Alberta Phelps

Creating a business website with WordPress is easy, bringing visitors is a bit difficult, but keeping those visitors engaged and converting them into loyal customers is the hardest part. To make this happen marketers are trying the concept of gamification and rewarding visitors with incentives to interact on their websites, Facebook fan pages, and Twitter. You can use gamification on your site to encourage users to recommend your products, write reviews, leave comments, share, and much more. Engaging users and site visitors in these activities helps spread the word about your website. In this article, we will show you how to build customer loyalty in WordPress with gamification.

How to Add Gamification for Customer Loyalty in WordPress
Lynsey Colson

Gamification is only one method of creating loyal customers. It’s promoting a symbiotic relationship between your business and those who are interested in buying products. It’s also a proven method to create repeat business from shoppers, which will impact overall success of the business.

Chapter 10: How to retain customers – Best tips to encourage customer loyalty in eCommerce
Opal Curry

Nowadays, shoppers are critical thinkers. They buy products because they want to be associated with the morals and values that a company upholds. They want a brand that aligns with their personal beliefs. This is where the practice of corporate social responsibility is a good opportunity to establish a long-term relationship with your customers as 93% of shoppers are more loyal to companies that engage in corporate social responsibility.

How to Build Customer Loyalty From Scratch
Flavia Woodworth

Maintain a thorough database of customers’ previous orders, preferences, and favorite products, to make it easy to follow up, offer relevant products and services specific to them, and offer a limited time coupon code. Customers will appreciate that you’ve taken the extra time and care to learn about the products they enjoy and need, and will be much more inclined to return for more.

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