How to Build an Email List in WordPress – Email Marketing 101

List Building 101: How to Build an Email List From Scratch
Candice Barker

Tactics to build an email list:
1. Use sign-up sheets to collect emails
2. Use business cards to add emails to the database
3. Use Opt-ins on your website
4. Utilize giveaways that require email submission
5. Leverage ‘email only’ specials where users have to sign up to receive these deals
6. Encourage customers with a daily deal that requires email submission to get the promo code
7. Collect emails to send a recap of monthly blog posts to customers
8. Gain emails through social media pages or Facebook Lead Ads
9. Run refer a friend campaigns on platforms such as social media
10.Use exit intent popups to collect emails from people who would have left the site otherwise
11.Create an online community for your brand or industry
12.Host an event for your brand or industry and have people sign in on a
computer or tablet linked to your ESP
13.Invite people to ‘join the club’ where they will get exclusive content
14.Gate downloads with email submissions & send the download file via email
15.Add a sticky banner to your website
16.Add a form to the footer of your website so it is on all pages

Build your online business like a pro
Bethany Reynolds

 Free courses provide an incredibly high-value incentive to attract new potential customers. It stands out wholly amongst the sea of free eBooks that are used to attract attention, and because it provides so much value upfront, the likelihood that someone will continue to want to learn from you increases exponentially.”                     

List Building and Email Marketing 101: How to Build a Mailing List with ConvertKit
Perla Thorne

If you are planning an email marketing strategy or trying to build your list for your blog, you need a plan on how to do this. Having an idea is the first step to anything significant. So make sure you spend some time planning your content. But what will you do to promote your thoughts once you get the ideas down? It’s important to understand that good blogs don’t just happen. It takes some preparation. We recommend making a list of great topics that you plan to address, all of which stay within the focus of your content. If you don’t spend some time planning, you may find your blog going off in several different directions. This can confuse your readers as to what your blog is really about, and it may result in fewer readers.

Email Marketing 101 – Part 1 – Why You Need an Email List in 2017
Kali Stackhouse

If you’re in affiliate marketing, you need an email list. Using your email list, you can recommend products, services, and courses that you use. You can keep your email list up to date on any coupons or discounts or relaunches that are happening. You can also co-host webinars and invite your subscribers to sign up and attend.

How to Build an Email List
Tonya Mcgee

You need to give visitors an incentive to sign up for your email list. Great content is one of the best ways to create these subscription incentives. Create a blog on your site that speaks to the real needs of your target audience. The Fit Cook develops incentive content by posting recipes for readers. The blog uses a form in the sidebar to create an email list of readers that want more content. You can use Weebly Promote and the “Newsletter Form” element to create a sign up form on your site in just a few steps.

How to Build an Email List in WordPress
Karleen Curran

There are two subscription options for Subscribe2 HTML: Registered Subscribers and Public Subscribers. Registered Subscribers are users who have subscribed to your blog and are consequently required to log-in to your site to manage their subscriptions. They can opt to receive either plain text or HTML emails. You can send them post notifications by category; and they can choose whether they want just the excerpt or the full post. (If they don’t make a choice, they will get the full post when they select the plain text option).

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