How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Store in WordPress (The EASY Way)

How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Store on WordPress
Lucienne Coon

Directly below the “Button Text” field are your “Regular price” and “Sale price” fields, which you can ignore. Amazon’s affiliate program policy states that affiliates should not manually enter price information, so just leave this blank.

How To Build An Amazon Affiliate Store With WordPress
Chelsea Gray

And if you want to display products on homepage according to category you can do that as well. For that move to Appearance >> widgets, there you will find Product Slider Widget. Drag it and drop it on Home Page Product Section widget area. Enter the proper title, choose the category that you want to display and the number of products. Hit save button.

How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Store Using WordPress
Cora Mullins

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Build an Amazon Affiliate Site With WordPress
Eileen Guerrero

With many ready and willing to become affiliates of one of the biggest eCommerce sites in the world, there are a lot of people looking for a quick way to get their affiliate businesses up and running with minimal fuss. So, today we’ll cover the basics of what you need to get started, and some of the premium Amazon affiliate marketing WordPress themes and plugins on offer.

How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Website With a WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin
Molly Alvarez

This Chrome extension makes it possible to import products into your WordPress account without having to enter an Access Key ID or a Secret Key. The downside is that the WZone Direct Import extension can only import a single product at a time, which can become tedious if you have a large number of products to import. However, if you’re a new associate who’s eager to get started today, then you can use WZone Direct Import to build a basic store, at which point you can start working towards generating those three initial sales. Once you’ve generated these sales, you’ll gain access to the WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates mass import feature, which will make populating your store much easier. 

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