How to Build a Mobile App for Your WordPress with Reactor

Building Mobile Apps with WordPress: A Reactor Overview
Stacey Miller

I am not a developer but a publisher. I was excited after I discovered Reactor. I thought it would be easy for people like me with little knowledge on coding, to turn a WordPress blog into a web app. I built an android app both ways: used Reactor to build the app automatically using the authentication token from phonegap build and manually uploading the zipped folder from Reactor library. In both cases, the preview of the app is fine on Google Chrome. But it returns a blank screen after showing up the flash image for few seconds initially. I have been struggling for sometime to fix it but to no avail. I installed the app from Google Play Store and manual scan of the QR code from Reactor a number of times. Every time it shows up a blank screen on my device instead of the preview I see on my laptop with Chrome.
Can you be of any help, please. Being a non-techie it’s too difficult to identify the exact problem. I appreciate the hard work done by the Reactor team even though it was meant for site owners like me with little knowledge on coding. Thanks to all.

Build Mobile Apps for WordPress
Cherelle Delossantos

I just also wanted to say thank you for developing such a great app development tool for those of us who don’t know how to code it from scratch, but do know WordPress. It’s really helped us develop the app we’d always wanted to make but didn’t have the skills to do so or the funds to afford before.

3 Ways to Create a Mobile App with WordPress
Dorthea Cato

WordPress users are accustomed to using plugins and themes to customize their website, and these don’t always translate well to a mobile app. This presents some unique challenges when a developer is approached by a client who wants to mimic their WordPress website in a mobile app. For example, if a client uses BuddyPress to create a social network on their website, and they want a mobile app with the same experience, how can that be accomplished? What about the same situation with an event or ecommerce plugin?

Introducing Reactor
Carrie Tran

We started experimenting with these 2 technologies, and built some custom apps with them. The result was so incredible that we instantly knew we had to build the next generation of AppPresser products using them. These technologies would allow us to give our customers what they had been asking for, and much more beyond that.

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