How to Boost Your Email Opt-ins with Newsletter Sign-Up for WordPress

How to Boost Your Email Opt-ins with Newsletter Sign-Up for WordPress
Dana Cooper

However, I am here after buying email buddy due to the fact email buddy doesn’t support html
email and i don’t think they have fixed the duplicate email issue – This issue is when someone signs up and they sign up to a group ( call it “whatever” for this example will will say it is a subsribe button on a group fitness page the group is named “groupfitness” you can send emails to this group and schedul emails and so forth but if you send an email to the group on tuesday then have 30 people sign up and want to send same email to the 30 new subscribers you can’t – you have to send it to the entire group – needless to say I did a poor job explaining but the lack of html email and inability to send same email to same group but not to past receipients is my reason for seeking a new plugin – I’m looking at newsletter sign-up now! Good LUCK!

Download How to Boost Your Email Opt-ins with Newsletter Sign-Up for WordPress
Francisco Carrington

In the past, we have done a series on how to do lead generation in WordPress (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3). Well recently, we ran into a problem with our comment opt-in method. We made some internal changes on how our email lists were setup and combined the weekly newsletter with our main email list. This allows us to prevent duplicate signups while still keeping the group distinction. The previous plugin we were using called WP-Leads, didn’t allow us to have group signup. Meaning, it would only add users to the main list without any segmentation. We only want to send users what they signed up with. Surprisingly, none of the other MailChimp plugins offered this feature either (not even the official one). We reached out to a few plugin developers including Danny of Newsletter Sign-up with a feature request. He was very nice about the request, and he added the feature within a week.

11 WordPress Newsletter Opt-in Plugins To Increase Your Email Conversion
Sparkle Field

WP Subscribers  allow to create unlimited number of subscribe popups, in post forms, header and footer forms, custom forms that can be placed anywhere and even exit popups and each of them can has its own content and can be utilized separated at the same time. After inserting a template, you can change colors, text and style it any way you want. You can set your opt in forms so people subscribe with their Facebook account.
Ruth Todd

MailOptin Premium
This is the lite version of the MailOptin Premium plugin that comes with all the conversion features you will ever need including optin form types such as bottom/top bars( a.k.a notification or floating bar) and slide-ins; optin triggers such as exit intent, time on site, pageviews, scroll trigger; periodic email digests, advance targeting and analytics, ton of templates and more. Click here to purchase the best WordPress email optin forms & newsletters plugin.

Quick Tip: Boost Opt-ins with Contact Form 7 for WordPress
Alanna Marrero

In your Dashboard, navigate to ‘Contact’ > ‘Add New’. You’ll see a text field where you can code your contact form. The plugin conveniently provides several handy choices. All you have to do is click on the element you want (a drop-down menu, for example), modify it to your liking, and then click ‘Insert tag.’

7 Email Newsletter Signup Forms That Convert + How to Add Them to Your Website
Kerry Reeves

Instead, use them as a jumping off point and then run your own tests to see which option works the best. Creating tests like this doesn't have to be time-consuming or complicated — GetSiteControl's built-in A/B testing makes it easy to run experiments with just a few button clicks.
Francie Carver

We added a lot of PRO features to the free version:
* Free version can activate up to 3 PopUps at the same time!
* Free version can now use the custom CSS editor for PopUps!
* Free version now suppors PopUp Animations!
* Free version can use all Form Submit actions!
* Free version unlocked the Color options for PopUps!
* Small code improvements to avoid PHP notices

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