How to Block Spam Comments in WordPress with CAPTCHA

How to Block Spam Comments in WordPress with CAPTCHA
Joann Townsend

With reCAPTCHA, users are no longer asked to read text. Instead, they’re asked to solve a math equation, check a box, or look at an image and highlight specific objects (e.g. traffic lights). Although this version of the spam filter is often easier for human users to solve, it’s a lot tougher for bots to trick. That’s because reCAPTCHA uses a protocol called Advanced Risk Analysis to weigh how trustworthy a user is over time. If a user was evaluated as human from past Internet usage, the tests will be easier. If a user has been flagged as suspicious, the tests they have to pass will be more advanced.

Della Armstrong

Hello Adrienne,
Ya I agree with you that Akismet keep safe from automated spam comments. As you are saying that it includes some genuine comments too in the spam list. It does it only when the visitors use inappropriate e-mails or may be some irrelevant user name. I have encountered with many real comments which were listed in spams but can’t help it.
Using CommentLuv Premium is really good but you know for beginners it is not possible to afford this premium plugin. So they have to seek for some free plugins. And when it comes to use catcha I have mentioned its disadvantages same as you have. Sometimes people don’t have much time to read and write that captcha stuff and then go for comment. It’s really frustrated. Personally, I don’t recommend that. But for the bloggers who believe that it can be helpful they can go for captcha.

How to Stop WordPress Comment Spam
Yvette Garrett

It currently has over 5 million active installs with a 5 out of 5-star rating. You can download Akismet from the WordPress repository or by searching for it within your WordPress dashboard under “Add New” plugins (although it should be on your site already unless it was removed). This plugin has a long history of building up spam rules and filters which do a great job at ensuring you see the good comments and not the bad. As you can see on the site below, it blocked over 3,800 comments from even needing moderation.

WordPress Tutorials
Lucienne Coon

The CleanTalk is an easy solution to your spam problems, with a sophisticated online statistical interface. Anti-Spam Pro can also be used automatically, but can be manually tweaked to combat particular spam issues that may be affecting your site. For maximum protection, a subscription is required to ensure you are free from spam.

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