How to Block Disposable Email Addresses in WordPress

How to Block Disposable Email Addresses in WordPress
Aline Knutson

Recently, one of our readers asked if it’s possible to block disposable email addresses in WordPress? Disposable email addresses are temporary email accounts used by spammers to create fake WordPress accounts. In this article, we will show you how to effectively block disposable email addresses in WordPress.

Stop the Use of Disposable Email Addresses in WordPress
Stacy Roberson

Many forum and wiki administrators dislike DEAs because they obfuscate the identity of the members and make maintaining member control difficult. As an example, trolls, vandals and other users that may have been banned may use throwaway email addresses to get around the ban. Using a DEA provider only makes this easier; the same convenience with which a person may create a DEA to filter spam also applies to trolls. As a result, forum, wiki administrators, blog owners, and indeed any public site requiring user names may have a compelling reason to ban DEAs.

Beginner’s Guide to Disposable Email Addresses
Melania Tripp

For example, say the email address I was randomly assigned was [email protected], and in my browser’s address bar, it showed the address as In this case, the first code is the address of the email (it does not include the randomly assigned domain name), and INGX was my unique code. In the future, to access the mailbox, just type out or copy the URL from the browser’s address bar and you’ll be able to access your email—though this will only work up to 24 hours after you last visited the page, after which time the emails will be deleted.

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