How to Better Manage Automatic WordPress Updates

The Best Way to Manage Automatic WordPress Updates
Stacy Roberson

If you manage a WordPress site, you know that doing updates is one of the most important parts of maintaining the security and stability of your WordPress site. While the latest version of WordPress comes with the ability to update itself automatically – at least for the minor and security releases, most WordPress users still manage their plugins and theme updates manually and have to check in regularly for the availability. Those who don’t want all the hassle might want to enable automatic update for their site so everything can be done without any interference from the users.

How to Better Manage Automatic Updates in WordPress
Shavon Peoples

In WordPress, the smaller updates such as the security releases and minor bug fix updates are done automatically. This cannot be said for major updates. In those cases, you have to manually initiate the update process yourself.Related ArticlesWhat is Digital Advertising? Why Smal…
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A Deep Dive Into WordPress Automatic Updates
Marlana Peralta

With the specific purpose to improve the installation security and make the site administration easier, WordPress 3.7 introduced automatic updates. By default, this cool feature is enabled for minor releases (i.e. maintenance and security releases) and translation files, but it’s possible to customize any kind of updates. So, in this post, we’ll look at how to automate the upgrade process anytime a new version of WordPress core, theme or plugin is released. Let’s dive deep into WordPress automatic updates!

How to Easily Manage “WordPress Auto Updates”?
Lesha Dubose

The WordPress plugin updates automatically only when the API response from the returns a non-empty property of auto update. This can only happen when the developer team of WordPress updates a plugin and then makes use of an API response to issue an auto-update command. However, the new updates for the plugin can break the site as you cannot be sure if they are compatible with the site. Therefore, to disable the automatic update for plugins, one can use the below-listed filter:

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