How to Automatically Tweet When You Publish a New Post in WordPress

How to Automatically Tweet a New Post in WordPress
Deborah May

As you can see from the screenshot above you will need an api key to proceed. To get this key you will need to go to Twitter’s application registration page while logged in to your Twitter account. This will take you to a page for creating a Twitter application where you will need to enter the name of the application, a description for it, and your website URL for the website and callback fields.

How to Automatically Tweet When Publish a new Post in Blogger
Colleen Stanley

Do you wish to decrease the time of tweeting your newly revealed posts on Twitter? So, immediately I’m writing an article which goes that can assist you so as to add mechanically feed posts to Twitter.  We all know that many of the customers take it annoying to share feeds on twitter for every put up but it is necessary too. Meaning we can’t neglect the twitter, as social media could be very a lot essential in running a blog. Due to this fact with the intention to decrease that effort we’re going to share a information which is able to show you how to that how you can auto-feed weblog posts to twitter.

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