How to Automatically Share Your Old WordPress Posts

How to Automatically Share Your Old WordPress Posts
Mary Mann

I installed plug in on Godaddy managed site and set up old according directions on your video. One post posted and no others have posted though it continues to say one will posts in 7 hr 30 minutes. What have I missed ? My settings: Min interval 8, min age 30, max age 0, share more once unchecked, posts box checked.
Also it says I have two accounts and I have only set up Twitter, unless I accidentally have two Twitter accounts by mistake. So how do I find out and how to rectify
I am not a computer person and new to WordPress. I may subscribe if I think it is beneficial. I have went to a local WP user group and it was over my head. Thanks for your assistance in this matter.
Faith Daniel

This plugin helps you keep your old posts alive by automatically sharing them and driving more traffic to them from Social Networks. It also helps you to promote your content. You can set sharing interval and number of posts to share to drive more traffic. For questions, comments, or feature requests, contact us!

How to Auto-share old blog posts to Social Media
Lucy Bates

Click each account and complete the configuration. You can connect multiple accounts with the pro version of the plugin.

Open the general settings of the plugin to set the interval of time to share your blog posts. Choose the number of posts you want to share at once. Select the post types you want to share from and exclude the category you don’t want to share from. Now, save your all general settings you did.

How to Automatically Share Old Blog Posts on Social Media With Revive Old Post
Carley Jeffrey

Social media is a busy place. With hundreds of millions of Tweets and Facebook posts going out every single day, it’s easy for your shares to get lost in the crowd. That’s why only sharing your content on social media when you first publish it is not enough. You need to share old blog posts to really maximize the traffic you get from social media.

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