How to Automatically Link Keywords with Affiliate Links in WordPress

How to Automatically Link Keywords with Affiliate Links in WordPress
Bryanna Atwell

We definitely recommend enabling the Random Autolink Placement option because it makes your affiliate links look more natural. If you have this option disabled, then Autolinker will just link the first keyword it finds. While this isn’t bad if you’re only replacing each brand mention or keyword once, but it looks extremely bad when you have the replacement frequency higher than 1 (more on this topic later in the article).
Mable Jordan

On the plugin management page: “Auto Affiliate Links” under “Settings”, you will have the option to set the links to open in new or in the same window. By default, links will open in a new window. As a matter of fact, it is better for external links to open in new window, so the user will notice that he is on another website right now, and to have your website still open, if he want to read more or to visit another link.

How to Automatically Insert WordPress Affiliate Links in Your Site’s Content
Ethel Hopkins

Make sure to check the Enable Replacements box. Then, you should also check the box for Thresholds. This lets you set a maximum number of automatic keywords/affiliate links. Basically, you want to avoid a situation where your post is packed with affiliate links. When in doubt, 3 is a good option.

How to Link Keywords to URLs Automatically
Phyliss Teal

Hello,I think you might find my plugin interesting.I made a plugin called “Affiliate Butler Pro”. You can search it on CodeCanyon, it’s only $19.It doesn’t only convert keywords to links. But it also can convert them to internal links in the website. Moreover, it can convert the keywords to a popup which supports the following: (Customized HTML, Image, Gallery, Google Maps and Videos -Youtube and Vimeo). With a comprehensive stats about the hits on each keyword and which posts the hits came from.

How to Add Affiliate Links in WordPress (and Properly Track Them)
Opal Curry

As you grow as an affiliate marketer, you’re likely to use the same affiliate link on tons of different blog posts. With ThirstyAffiliates, you can store all your affiliate links in one place in your WordPress backend and use them whenever you need. Plus, it has a fully functional search option to help you search for links by the link title.

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