How to Automatically Link Featured Images to Posts in WordPress

How to Automatically Link Featured Images to Posts in WordPress
Kristin Patterson

Hie, i have a different query. I tried displaying specific posts in specific pages using ‘post in page’ plugin. But the featured images that i have set for posts doesn’t show on the page. I mean only the title of the post is showing, but I want the featured images of all the posts to be displayed, too! Can you suggest me any way or plugin that can help me achieve this. I have searched the entire web; no one has the answer. I would be grateful if you could help me.

How can I Automatically Link Featured Images to Posts in WordPress
Glory Ketchum

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Christie Morgan

The idea is that I want to direct my customers to a hyperlink through the photo straight from the main page. Or let them enter the post whilst clicking on post title.

How To Link Featured Images to Your WordPress Posts Automatically
Margaret Vargas

Believe it or not, there are still some great WordPress themes out there that don’t link WordPress featured images automatically. These days most themes already perform this function, but for the themes that don’t, there is a fairly simple way that you can get a WordPress featured image to link automatically.

How to Modify Featured Images in WordPress
Marianne Foster

If you don’t have any pictures attached to your post and you hit the publish button, there won’t be any notifications and, of course, there won’t be any images for the function to choose from. So, this is a great option for someone who uses images in most of their posts. But if you tend to forget images more often than not and you don’t attach pictures on a regular basis, we suggest you check the earlier method of preventing publishing posts without the picture.

How to automatically set featured image in WordPress
Malinda Lumpkin

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