How to Automatically Empty Your WordPress Trash

How to Automatically Empty Your WordPress Trash
Elizabeth Roy

In WordPress 2.9, there was a new “Trash” feature added to the core. This feature works just like the recycling bin, so instead of deleting the post permanently, you would send it to the trash. This helped those users who accidently click on Delete button, and it can be any of us. The bad part about this trash feature is that you have to empty the trash regularly. By default the trash empties itself every 30 days. But in this article, we will show you how you can automatically empty your trash daily, weekly, or however many days you want.

How to Automatically Empty Your Trash in WordPress [Quick Tips]
Janet Alexander

In WordPress, there is this “Trash” feature that keep your deleted articles (and comments) in the recycle bin until you go into the bin and delete them permanently. This is an useful feature as it prevents you from deleting any posts/comments accidentally. However, if you don’t have the habit of clearing your trash regularly, it would pile up with useless articles, which in turn translate to bigger database size and slower site loading.

How to Automatically Empty Your WordPress Trash
Molly Alvarez

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How to Limit or Disable Automatic Empty Trash in WordPress
Stefanie Katz

In WordPress, when delete a post or comment, it goes into trash. By default, trashed posts and comments remain in your database for 30 days giving you enough time to restore them if needed. After 30 days, WordPress automatically deletes all trash content permanently. In this article, we will show you how to limit or disable automatic WordPress empty trash feature.
Genevieve White

This plugin can be used Automatically Empty Trash after the number of days the user requires. User can set the number of days from which the trash should be automatically deleted in the plugin option in the Admin section.

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