How to Automatically Add Numbers to Your WordPress Posts

Make the Best out of WordPress Tags
Shelley Diaz

The problem with tags is that most new bloggers who started their blogs, don’t use them correctly. Some will fill in the tag text box just to feel their post is getting better, while the other ones will keep on adding irrelevant tags and overpopulate the textbox. Like with most things in life, you should be moderate. We suggest that you add 2-3 tags per post and also keep the minimum number of unique ones. Since WordPress creates an additional page for each tag, you don’t want to overfill your database with the unnecessary information.

Automatically Add Content to Your WordPress Posts and Pages
Elvira Abbott

A shortcode is, as the name implies, a short code, that represents whatever code you assign to it. Using a shortcode is in particular useful if you want to add a specific text on various locations. The downside is that you have to add the shortcode “manually” to each post or page where you want it to appear, you do however have the ability to add it at the top of your post, the bottom, or perhaps just before or after the “read-more” break. (A shortcode to insert a subscription box might look like this: [subscribe].)

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