How to Attend BlogWorld without paying for airfare, and lodging costs

How to Attend BlogWorld without paying for airfare, and lodging costs
Lorena Silva

The coolest part about working online is that we can work from anywhere we want to. You don’t have to leave your loved ones to go to a specific country or city to get a job. We find that one of the best perks about professional blogging as a career. Even though we can work from wherever we want, its always nice to meet other like minded super-smart bloggers every once in a while. Meeting such folks is not only a humbling experience, but it allows us to learn from them. If you notice on the WPBeginner blog, we attend quite a few conferences, and we are truly grateful that we can do that. Attending conferences are expensive and inconvenient for a lot of folks. When starting out, one of the things we found restricting was the traveling cost. We were able to put together just enough money to pay for the conference tickets, but it was almost impossible to cover traveling and lodging costs.

Get a FREE pass to NMX Live aka BlogWorld 2013
Jannie Goff

About 3 weeks ago, we notified you that our founder Syed Balkhi will be attending New Media Expo (formerly known as BlogWorld Expo). The conference is scheduled for January 6 – 8, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is the largest conference and tradeshow for bloggers and podcasters. We know that attending conferences can be expensive due to high registration costs. This is why, we are giving away 4 FREE passes to our users.

Get A Free Pass to BlogWorld Expo LA 2011
Antoinette Robinson

I started a pregnancy blog in November 2009, and through trial and error, I have gained a PR of 3, over 1,500 Twitter and Google Friend Connect followers. In the past year, I’ve been sued for trademark infringement due to my domain name, which forced me to have to change domain names and hire a lawyer. I have also lost my Google Adsense from a competitor sabotaging my efforts. Regardless of all this, I have found other advertising methods and kept on blogging. I think the BlogWorld Expo would offer me an amazing opportunity to learn more about blogging, how social media plays a role, how to overcome Google Panda and other future updates they may have, and how to take my blog to the next level. I am always reading and learning more about how to grow my blog. I think this expo would be a huge benefit to me, as a blogger who is just starting out.

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