How to Ask Readers to Add Your WordPress Blog Icon on iPhone

How to Ask Readers to Add Your WordPress Blog Icon on iPhone
Courtney Page

Recently one of our users asked us how to add the little notification that asks their iPhone users to add a bloc ifon to their home screen. This feature was being heavily used by popular sites like TechCrunch and others. If you have a great looking responsive design for your WordPress blog, and you have a good number of mobile users, then it makes sense for you to implement this technique. In this article, we will show you how to ask your readers to add your WordPress blog icon on their iPhone or iPad home screen. This encourages readers to visit your site more often because they have a one-click access to your website similar to an app.

How to Use your iPhone to Post to a WordPress Blog
Karla Simmons

Why is it easier to post using your iPhone?  You probably have your phone with you at all times. If you are are out and about in your workplace, you can quickly log in, write a paragraph or two, and snap a photo right there. No sitting down that the computer, hooking up a camera and downloading/uploading images for the post, no big production.  Blog postings don’t always need to be long and cumbersome.  Sometimes there is a need for a longer post and of course, and your computer is easier for writing long postings with a lot of links.  If you are always writing long posts, you may get back into that pattern of not posting at all because it becomes a big chore.  I would like you to change your mindset on some of your posts and think about writing some short and to the point articles with great content that your constituents WANT to read.  Shorter, in some cases, is better all around for posting and reading.

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