How to Arrange WordPress Posts and Custom Post Types Using Drag & Drop

How to Arrange WordPress Posts and Custom Post Types Using Drag and Drop
Nora Coleman

WordPress naturally displays your posts in the order that you published them. Changing this order can be a frustrating normally but there is a simpler way. In this video, we will show you how to reorder WordPress posts using drag and drop.

How to Use Drag & Drop to Arrange the WordPress Post Order
Vi Neville

Go back into the standard Posts screen like you were going to edit a piece of content. You’ll notice your mouse now has the four-arrow icon for drag-and-drop. This means you can also arrange how your posts appear in the admin screen. Simply hold down the mouse on any post and move it where you like. This can be incredibly useful if you’re working on a long piece that takes you days to complete and don’t want it to get buried among drafts and posts.
Kristin Patterson

Need More? Check out the advanced version of this plugin at Advanced Post Types Order which include Hierarchically post types order, Manual / Automatic Sorting, Individual Categories Order, Conditionals to apply, Paginations for large list, Mobile ready, Enhanced Interface, Plugins compatibility (MultiSite Network Support, WPML, Polylang, WooCommerce, WP E-Commerce, Platform Pro, Genesis etc), font side re-order interface, … and many more !!

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