How To an Create eBook From WordPress Post and Pages?

How To an Create eBook From WordPress Post and Pages?
Glory Ketchum

You can create free ebooks with Pressbooks, but the ebooks will have a watermark of the company. If you want to remove the watermark, you have to purchase a pro pack. By purchasing the ‘EBOOK Pro‘ pack for $19.99 per book, you can remove the watermark in the epub and Mobi versions. If you want to remove the watermark from the PDF version too, you have to purchase the ‘PDF+EBOOK Pro‘ package, which is priced at $99 per book.

How to Create PDF and EPUB Ebooks from WordPress Posts and Pages
Jody Banks

As mentioned, the free service adds watermarks and promotional material to your ebook. This content is noticeable on every page so if you do want a professional looking end product, even if it’s just to give away as a lead magnet for your email subscriber list, you will need to either pay the $10 for the ebook version, or $100 for the ability to export as PDF without the PressBooks branding.

Publish an eBook From Your WordPress Site
Jaimie Jamison

From what I read online, diagnosing and fixing these errors is quite complicated. Other Lulu forum members seem to encourage publishers to try Amazon. I tried downloading Sigil to fix my ePub file but had little success. Perhaps this is why Lulu is able to run a viable business charging publishers to convert their books for them.

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