How to Allow Users to Subscribe to Authors in WordPress

Allow users to subscribe to authors in WordPress
Lottie Horne

We will be using the shortcode method to display a subscribe to author link in the sidebar of your WordPress blog. Simply go to "Appearance" » "Widgets" page and add a text widget to your sidebar.

How to Allow Users to Subscribe to Authors in WordPress?
Eun Varney

Is allowing Users to Subscribe to Authors necessary in WordPress? Yes, of course. Subscribing by users to authors helps to grow the mutual contact between them. Users can get more information through direct contact with each other. It has a dual effect even Authors can know whatever improvements need to be done.

How to Allow Users to Subscribe to Categories in WordPress
Monica Lucas

WordPress comes with built-in taxonomies, categories and tags, that allows you to organize your content. Almost every WordPress user has used categories and tags to sort their content, but most users don’t know that categories, tags, and custom taxonomies each have their own RSS feeds (What is RSS?). Why is that useful? Well, these topic specific RSS feeds allow your users to only subscribe to the content they are most interested in. In this article, we will show you how to allow users to subscribe to categories in WordPress.

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