How to Allow Users to Submit Posts to Your WordPress Site

How to Allow Users to Submit Posts to Your WordPress Site?
Magaret Sewell

Many sites don’t create friendly contact with their customer, clients, and visitors. It’s really difficult for such WordPress Site to progress. Allowing Users to submit posts to the site create a good user-friendly environment. Collectively there can be more posts on the site as well. In this tutorial, the owner will be taught to enable users to submit posts.
Classie Dover

Visit the plugin settings and enable the option to “Require User Login”. That will display the submission form only to logged-in users. To go further and require login for other types of content, there are many techniques available to you. For more information check out my WP-Mix post, WordPress Require User Login, which provides a good summary of the possibilities. Also note: USP Pro includes built-in shortcodes to display forms and other content to registered/logged-in users and/or guests/logged-out users.

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