How to Allow Users to Report Inappropriate Comments in WordPress

How to Allow Users to Report Inappropriate Comments in WordPress
Lucy Bates

There are a large number of antispam programs out there that work wonderfully but, sometimes they do not catch all of the problem comments. Some trolls or spammers will always try to find a way around the blocks. In this video, we will show you hot to allow users to report inappropriate comments.

How to Allow Users to Report Comments in WordPress
Carley Jeffrey

In the wonderful world of the web there can be incredible people out in your comments and there can be those who are harmful to people’s experience on your site. As a single person it can become difficult with a growing site to ensure all of the bad comments are dealt with in a timely fashion without help. Your users can help you find and remove these types of comments if you add the ability. In this article, I will show you how to allow users to report comments on your WordPress site.

What is: Comments
Faith Daniel

In online communities the word Avatar is used for a user’s profile image. Gravatar is web based service that allows users to use the same avatar image on thousands of websites that use Gravatars. is owned by automattic which is a company founded by WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg. When a user creates an account or leaves comment, WordPress looks up for a gravatar image matching their email address. If the user has a Gravatar account with an image then WordPress displays this image as their profile picture in comments. If a user’s email address does not matches a gravatar account, then WordPress displays a default Avatar image.

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