How to Allow Users to Add Drawing or Doodles in WordPress Comments

How to Allow Users to Add Drawing or Doodles in WordPress Comments
Katlyn Greco

What is great about this plugin is that it shows the fun things that can be done on a WordPress website. It also shows new users that even if they are publishing a simple blog, they can make it fun for the visitors by thinking outside the box and trying new things. This plugin can make some image based websites very fun and interactive. Like those publishing comics, funny drawings, cartoons, memes, or children’s websites. We are anxious to see how other people use this or similar tools in the future. What are your thoughts about DrawBlog? How do you see this being used? Will you use it on your own site?

How to Allow Users to Add Doodles in WordPress Comments
Eun Varney

WordPress has many possible uses and new ones are being discovered daily. The ability to extend the power of WordPress can create some very interesting creations. In this video, we will show you how to allow users to add drawings or doodles in WordPress comments.

How to Allow Users to Like or Dislike Comments in WordPress
Phyliss Teal

I am so confused. I keep getting emails from WordPress saying that people have liked my posts but where are those likes done? There is nothing showing near the comments section on my posts where someone can “like” it. And where are the likes logged so that I can see how many there are?

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