How to Allow User Log In with Email in WordPress

How to Allow WordPress Login and Registration using Email
Lynsey Colson

So, you saw how quickly we could create and even customize our login page. This might be a very small change, but ultimately creates a massive difference in user experience. Users prefer sites that are easy to access. That’s why, RegistrationMagic also allows users to create intelligent contact forms. Further, Users can autofill contact form fields from information they previously entered in the RegistrationMagic form. Users can also autofill the information from their social media accounts. Users do not have to go through the long process of filling in the form fields. They can simply click on any of their preferred social accounts and start the signup process.

How to Allow User Log In with Email in WordPress
Aline Knutson

Popular sites like Facebook and Twitter allow users to log in with their email address or username unlike standard You can add the same functionality on your site. In this video, we will show you how to allow user login with email in WordPress.
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Summary of this Tutorial:
Start by installing and activating the WP Email Login plugin.
Once active the plugin is working and you can log in to your site with your email address or your username.
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How to allow user registration multiple times on WordPress?
Eustolia Fincher

Hi guys, I’ve set up a Registration Magic form using the default fields from the Sample Registration Form template and added a number of other fields I need to capture. When I test and accidentally use the same email as has been used previously for a registration, I get ” This user is already registered. Please try with different username or login.” – which is great, BUT it deletes all the other data in the many form fields I’ve just asked the user to fill in, so they have to start again, which is super annoying. The error message also doesn’t make it clear which field is a duplicate (it’s the email address, but it might not be clear for the user which ‘user’ data was a duplicate. Is there a way around this – like some instant validation of the field that has to be unique, so the user is warned as soon as they enter an email address that is already present in the database? Thanks Carl
Lorette Thurman

Have you noticed that most popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc allow users to log in with email or their username? Want to add the same functionality on your site? In this article, we will show you how to allow user log in with email in WordPress.

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