How to Allow Authors to Chat in WordPress

How to Allow Authors to Chat in WordPress
Antoinette Robinson

I am still looking for an adminpanel chat integration plugin. There are many chat plugins made for communicating with site visitors (not what I want), the rest must be placed as a widget into your output page sidebar (not what I want). If you have a team of admins working on a site you want them to be able to start at least one chat window that makes itself heard of (sound or some blinking icon). So far I couldn’t find such a tool.

How to Allow Authors to Chat in WordPress
Katlyn Greco

When you run a multi-author blog, communication is very important. There are several note based plugins for authors and admins to exchange feedback, but there are also ones that allow chat. In this video, we will show you how to allow authors to chat.

How to Allow Authors to Chat in WordPress Themes?
Erma Farmer

In addition to this particular WordPress theme, you can use plugins and Subscribe to Comments to receive notifications of new posts in the email. In addition, you can add a sidebar list of useful links and a list of sponsors of the draft. Of course not required to use this theme or create a mini-blog on a subdomain, the key feature is to make a place where all members of the group could communicate. You can use services for collaboration or special applications – depending on what you like.
Josephine Harrison

Author Chat is an internal chat that let your authors (users with access to admin panel) to chat with each other. It is easy to use. All chat data is stored in database. You can also configure how many days chat history should be stored in database, change the interval time for the verification of new messages, show or hide our name in the messages and many more.

Mystic Technologies Web Hosting Made Easy
Stacey Miller

When you run a multi-author blog, communication among team members become very important. There are several WordPress plugins that allow site-admins and authors to exchange notes and feedback within the WordPress admin area. However these notes and feedback may go unnoticed. In this article, we… Read More »

How to Allow Users to Subscribe to Authors in WordPress
Tisa Yeager

Thank you dear, You are great. I visit your website regularly from google search result regarding my problems. You helped me alot. Dear I have a little problem please solve it. I want to add guest post page into my wordpress website. What should i give role to the article writer. Author or Writer ?

How To Allow Authors To Revise Published Posts in WordPress
Tonya Mcgee

Could you tell more about the viewing of the modifications from the Administartor point of view ?
Actually I am testing a “submit from review” from an author account but when I want to view the modifications before validating the changes (Administrator account) I don’t get any revision comparison or comments about the changes as shown in your screenshots. The settings mention the Advanced Custom Fields but I installed it and I don’t get anything more on the post edition page.

How to Allow User Registration in WordPress and Deliver Member-Only Content
Latarsha Ashmore

Let’s look at some examples to strike up your inspiration.
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