How to Add Your WordPress Site in Yandex Webmaster Tools

How To add Your Website to Yandex Webmaster Tools
Mamie Mitchell

great guide, thank you! we have currently a russian webpage under construction, and we would like to add it to Yandex. However I am a bit confused about the Unique Text Tool (to prove to Yandex that your content is unique), cause I read that one should submit all content via this Tool on Yandex Webmaster BEFORE publishing it on the web. This sounds a bit paradoxical, cause firstly to use this Tool one needs to add the Domain to Yandex Webmaster…and therefore it needs to be indexed first. So the only thing I could think about is making all my sites no-index (except for the homepage, so that we can add the domain to Yandex) and sending the unique text to Yandex, wait for their approval and then make those sites index and crawable… is this fine or should I simply add the whole domain (subdirectories included) and send the unique content texts afterwards?

How To Add Your Website To Yandex Webmaster Tools
Brandi Flores

You will want to use the meta tag under the first tab. Only copy the code that is in the apostrophes after content part of the markup, as per the image below.

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