How to Add Web Push Notification to Your WordPress Site

How to add web push notification to a WordPress site
Inez Ross

Sending messages to the interested visitors has been revolutionized with the introduction of web push notification system. The way site owners usually send notifications to the audience is email newsletter. But the process is complicated and requires subscribers to login to their email accounts then open the emails. Many of such emails go unchecked. Even people are so unwilling to subscribe to email newsletters.

How to Add Web Push Notifications to Your WordPress Site?
Lyndia Woodruff

If you are looking for ways to improve traffic to your WordPress site, web push notifications can be a great option. They are noticed to increase the number of return users, and to enhance the user engagement on your site. Push notifications will help you notify your audience when you publish new content, or even when you update existing content. In this article, we will look into the process of setting up web push notifications on your WordPress site. For this, we will use the popular plugin OneSignal. After setting this up, your audience will be able to receive web push notifications from your site on different devices and browsers.

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