How to Add Verification Codes to Your WordPress RSS Feed

How to Add Verification Codes to Your WordPress RSS Feed
Doris Barrett

Often when WordPress bloggers signup for third party publisher accounts such as Digg and others, they are required to verify ownership. Most services offer multiple options of verification such as adding meta tags to the header, uploading a blank file, and adding content to the RSS feed. This article will use as an example because Digg version 4 has this new feature called auto feed syndication for publishers. The only way of verification is by adding the verification codes to your RSS Feed. After we posted about our account on digg, many of our users joined. We got a request to do a tutorial on this subject because it was confusing for beginners.

Add verification codes to your WordPress RSS feed
Ashlee Griggs

Although most publishers offer several ways to verify ownership of accounts, a newer method uses a WordPress RSS verification code to achieve authorization instead of uploading blank pages or inserting meta tags to the header of the post. This article will briefly explain how to implement verification codes using as an example, since they offer this feature using an option called “auto feed syndication for publishers”. Verification can be achieved by simply adding a WordPress RSS verification code to your RSS feed using one line of text. Currently, it is the only method available for verifying an RSS feed account on

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