How to Add User Browser and OS Classes in WordPress Body Class

How to Add User Browser and OS Classes in WordPress Body Class
Harmony Childress

Note that if you are working with a starter theme like underscores or well-coded theme frameworks like Genesis, then your theme will already have the body class function in the body tag. Once the code is implemented you will be able to see browser and operating system classes with the body tag in the HTML source. You will also notice that there will be other classes added to the body tag by WordPress.

How to Add Browser and OS Classes in WordPress Body Class By Custom Function
Vella Whalen

While designing WordPress theme sometimes we require to show different layout or design according to user’s – client’s browser or Operating System. So that we can achieve our best result as we want. In this article we will learn How to Add Browser and OS ( Operating System ) Classes in WordPress Body Class By Custom Function.

How to add browser and Operating System Classes to WordPress Body Class
Enda Arriaga

Wondering how to add user’s browser and Operating System classes to WordPress body class? When developing WordPress themes, you may need browser and OS information of your users so you can dynamically modify certain aspects of your design with CSS or jQuery.

How to Add a Custom Body Class in WordPress
Inez Ross

A WordPress blog can consist of many different sections delineated either by category, tag name, or even standalone single page of posts that serve unique purposes. In general, all posts and pages on WordPress share the same CSS. This means that regardless of which category or post you’re currently viewing, the elements will look exactly the same as every other section on your website. However, what if you wish to style a certain category differently? Say for example that you wish to have a red border around the posts belonging to that category? Or let’s say that you believe a certain post is so important, you wish to replace the color of the default elements to something else?

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