How to Add Underline and Justify Text Buttons in WordPress

How to add underline & justify text buttons to WordPress editor
Annie Bowen

You might have taken the decision after lot of discussions and considering the feedback…but personally I am not happy with the decision. I am not sure if a light wavy underline could be an alternative…Let us see if we can do away the underline in our blog posts. Question is: How and why can a modern reader not differentiate an underline and a link?

How to Add an Underline Button in Post Editor and Other Formatting Tips in WordPress
Francie Carver

The button may be removed but the keyboard shortcuts still work. Keyboard shortcuts are extremely helpful and if you are a proficient typer, using the keyboard shortcuts is much faster than actually using buttons. On Windows, highlight the text and press CTRL + U. For MAC users, click on Command + U for the same effect. If you would like to remove the underline simply highlight the underlined text and reuse the keyboard shortcuts. So if you do like using keyboard shortcuts you can continue to do so without adding the buttons back.

How to Regain the Justify and Underline Text Buttons in the WordPress Editor
Melania Tripp

If we’re being honest, this isn’t a method to regain the justify and underline text buttons in WordPress per se. It’s more of a workaround to achieve the desired outcome. However, it’s a good option for those who want to underline or justify their text without setting up a plugin. It centers around adding some simple HTML tags to the WordPress text editor – and it’s easy to achieve.

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