How to Add Two-Factor Authentication in WordPress for Free

How to Add Two-Factor Authentication in WordPress for Free
Mamie Mitchell

I’ve followed your exact instructions just now to set up 2FA with Twilio. I logged out after finishing the set-up as per the article, and now I can’t get back into my site! I get the code from Twilio, but it says there’s an error! Unfortunately, I’d not yet set up the 2FA with the authenticator app, as I followed the steps in the article, which was to log out first to see it working. Can you advise please? I’ve checked your article, but this doesn’t seem to cover getting locked out due to 2FA error. I use your site loads, and think your guidance is great! Please help on this one!!

Beginner’s Guide: How to Add Two-Factor Authentication to WordPress
Retha Poston

You don’t need me to tell you that it’s a dangerous world on the Internet. Hackers abound, which is why you should always make sure you’re following WordPress security best practices. And one of those best practices is learning how to add two-factor authentication to WordPress.
Stacey Miller

Since “two factor authentication” just means “a second something is necessary to get in”, this answer depends upon the particular set-up. In the most common case, a numeric code is shown on your phone, tablet or other device. This code be sent via an SMS; this then depends on the mobile phone network working. This plugin does not uses that method. Instead, it uses a standard mathematical algorithm to generate codes that are only valid once each, or for only for 30 seconds (depending on which algorithm you choose). Your phone or tablet can know the code after it has been set up once (often, by just scanning a bar-code off the screen).

How to Add Two-Factor Authentication to WordPress
Carmen Tyler

How secure is your WordPress password? Better question…how secure are the passwords of everyone with access to your WordPress site? That’s a scary question, right? While you hopefully (!) follow all of the password best practices, that doesn’t change the fact that the world’s most common passwords are still “123456” and “password”.

How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication on WordPress
Vi Neville

Generally, you only use a username and a password to log in to your WordPress Admin Area. If your password is stolen or guessed, someone else can now login to your management panel. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) protects against password theft or re-use, phishing, and key-logger attacks. In short, the access to WordPress Admin Panel will be blocked to everyone, unless a special code found in your mobile phone is entered. Two-Factor Authentication is a great way to add an extra layer of security to your website. In this tutorial, you will learn how to enable two-factor authentication for WordPress.

How to Add Two-Factor Authentication in WordPress?
Renea Bedford

Exit the wizard and go to Settings > Geo Permissions > Messaging Geographic Permissions section. Select the countries from where you need to receive the SMS. Now, navigate to the Twilio Console Dashboard. Here you will get your first Twilio Account SID and AUTH Token. Copy and save the information on Console Dashboard for further use.

How to Add Two-Factor Authentication for WordPress
Lorette Thurman

You know, I had such high hopes for miniOrange given the many positive reviews, but in practice it’s clear they cater to blog owners and write many of the reviews themselves. For the other guys, their free plugins have a LOT of bugs and when you report them they tell you to upgrade your license from the free tier. Other apps do work – for admin only. I sent them screenshots of their licensing saying that the free tier should work and they say no, I must have misread it, I have to upgrade.
In the end their practices are predatory – the licensing agreements and descriptions aren’t accurate and their support is rude unless you’re paying them. If it’s payware, fine, at least be honest about it – no way am I going to implement their business tier software if this is how they treat people.

How to Add Two Factor Authentication in WordPress Login?
Antoinette Robinson

Simply put, two factor authentication is an extra layer of security over your online accounts be it a website, email or social profiles. Once you enter your password, you should enter the unique code, which you get via email or SMS to login successfully into your account.

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