How to Add Twitter @anywhere in WordPress

How To: Add Twitter @Anywhere To WordPress
Colleen Stanley

In case you missed it, Twitter launched @Anywhere service just a while ago. The service allows webmasters to fully integrate Twitter into their websites and get more action going in the process. As long as you know some Javascript, you should be able to do some cool things with @Anywhere. But first things first. To get started with @Anywhere on WordPress, you need to log on to Twitter and start a new application at Here is what your app form will look like:

How to Add Twitter @anywhere in WordPress
Chantel Michaud

WP Beginner posted this great article showing you how to integrate Twitters new Anywhere platform into your WordPress blog.

How to Add Twitter @anywhere in WordPress
Mikaela Werner

Twitter launched it’s @anywhere platform not too long ago. This new platform integrates twitter into your site with a few lines of JavaScript. It allows for more tweets, more traffic, more follows, more engagement, more users, and more insight. You can now embed a tweet box on your site where people can directly tweet from your site. It also converts all twitter usernames to a link (@wpbeginner). If you enable the hovercard option, then users will see a hover box with a follow button and user information. You can also create connect with twitter buttons, follow @wpbeginner on twitter buttons and much more. We think this new platform will play a huge part in the future of web as twitter grows. In this article, we will share how you can add some elements of Twitter’s anywhere platform on your WordPress blog.

How to add Twitter @Anywhere Hovercard on WordPress Blog ?
Arianna Melancon

Once you have added the code, it will enable Twitter username Auto linking and Hovercard feature on your website, that is, it will auto link Twitter usernames anywhere on website, to their twitter profiles. For instance, you can add Text Widget and put twitter username  with “@” symbol just like this “@akyjoe”. Once done, refresh the website and you will find something similar to the screenshot below:

6 Ways to Add Twitter to Your WordPress Site
Maisie Pickett

Finally, Twitter Mentions as Comments aims to flip the comments system upside down. Instead of letting visitors turn their blog comments into tweets, this plugin turns tweets into comments on your blog. It scours Twitter to find mentions of your blog, then automatically inserts those mentions as comments under the blog post. It’s a great way to organize and tie in ongoing conversation all in one place — on your blog. It also increases your comment count, which can encourage even more conversation around your content.

How To Easily Embed Twitter @Anywhere In Your WordPress Blog
Yessenia Tellez

With the rising popularity of Twitter, it is no surprise that more and more bloggers are looking for ways to distribute their content via twitter. With the launch of Twitter @Anywhere, bloggers are now given an easy way to embed the Twitter @anywhere on their blog and allow their readers to quickly post a tweet or to follow the bloggers without leaving the site. If you are still figuring out how to do it, here are several ways that you can do it in WordPress:

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