How to Add the Tumblr Share Button in WordPress

How to Add the Tumblr Share Button in WordPress
Flavia Woodworth

Just like Facebook’s Like Button, Send Button, Twitter’s Retweet Button, LinkedIn’s Share Button, Tumblr, a micro-blogging service, has launched their very own share button. The whole point of this button is to make it effortless for more than 16 million Tumblr bloggers to promote your content on their blogs. This share widget lets Tumblr users easily “Reblog” the content found all over the web rather than just on Tumblr. This reblog option is one of the key features behind the huge social aspect of Tumblr. In this article, we will show you how to add the Tumblr Share Button in WordPress.

3 Easy Ways to Add Social Share Buttons to WordPress
Magaret Sewell

Jetpack is an extremely popular WordPress plugin, originally created by Automattic for websites. While Jetpack offers a bunch of different functionality, the Sharing module allows you to easily add social share buttons to WordPress – and your blog posts, so readers can quickly share your content on their social media channels.

How to Create a Tumblr Share Button in WordPress
Lyndia Woodruff

While Tumblr may not have the notoriety that Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram have, it should not be underestimated. Tumblr is a platform that allows you to post anything, like other social media platforms. The key difference is that it is in a blog format. This allows an individual to create a blog of the different things he/she likes, which is why it is referred to as a microblog.

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