How to Add the Theme Editor in WordPress Admin Bar

How to Add the Theme Editor in WordPress Admin Bar
Faustina Sadler

In the past we have shown you how to add the shortlink menu, draft posts, and other things to the WordPress admin bar. In this article, we will show you how to add the Theme Editor in WordPress Admin Bar.
Alanna Marrero

* Instead of installing Admin Menu Editor in mu-plugins, you can also install it normally and then activate it globally via “Network Activate”. However, this will make the plugin visible to normal users when it is inactive (e.g. during upgrades).
* When Admin Menu Editor is installed in mu-plugins or activated via “Network Activate”, only the “super admin” user can access the menu editor page. Other users will see the customized Dashboard menu, but be unable to edit it.

How to Customize the WordPress ToolBar
Freda Moody

I have a love/hate affair with the dark grey toolbar introduced in WordPress 3.3. (It was previously named the Admin Bar in WordPress 3.1 and that name stuck for many — including the API authors!). Looking at the positives, the toolbar provides a consistent set of quick links when you’re viewing the administration panels or the live website. That said, it can cause problems when creating themes or confuse site editors who think everyone can see it.

10 WordPress Admin Themes to Rebrand the Backend
Odelia Arndt

The looks of a website is determined by its theme, and WordPress requires users to choose a theme for each site, or they can go with the default theme. Luckily a huge ecosystem of WordPress Themes is available on both free and premium sites, so everyone can find the theme that the best suits to their needs. It’s less known though that it’s also possible to install a custom theme for the admin area of a WordPress site.

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