How to Add Tables in WordPress Posts and Pages (No HTML Required)

How to Add Tables in WordPress Posts and Pages No HTML Required
Enda Arriaga

The WordPress visual editor can do many things but creating tables is not one of them. While you can create tables manually with HTML some users don’t have the coding knowledge to do this. In this video, we will show you how to add tables in WordPress posts and pages no HTML required.

How To Add a Table in WordPress Posts or Pages
Milda Layman

Tables are an important and rather convenient way of displaying comparative information or data in large volumes. They are easy to understand and save plenty of time that would have otherwise been spent writing that data down. Tables are a commonly-used feature in websites today.
Nonetheless, creating a table, especially a big one, in HTML or CSS is very tedious work that’s extremely time consuming. And even one small mistype is very hard to find and correct in that mass of code. Imagine creating a table with 200 rows and columns, and finding that you missed a semi-colon or bracket somewhere. And then imagine the effort you will need to go through to find that missing variable.
However, if you have a WordPress website, there is one drawback to creating tables.
WordPress does not have a built-in table creating function. This is particularly surprising considering how popularly WordPress is used in today’s times. The general settings of a WordPress website contain many formatting features, but unlike applications like MS Word, there is no readily-available table function.
But fret not as all is not lost. This extremely-popular CMS has made other provisions for allowing its users to create tables – table plugins.

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